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An adaptable range of lightweight carts designed specifically for laptops and tablets.
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The all new highly visible secure laptop and tablet system allows for fast and easy initial set-up. With the ability to secure devices up to 19” you can be sure your vital hardware remains safe and secure on the JUNO laptop cart.

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Lightweight and stable JUNO has an all new base which is expertly contoured and proportioned. The base, which is die-cast in solid aluminium here in the UK, offers a small non-intrusive footprint without compromising on the renowned RDP rugged construction and cart stability.

Effortless manoeuvrability in tight and congested areas JUNO relieves the stress of finding spaces to work and allows healthcare professionals to focus on their priorities.

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The JUNO also has an all new cable management enclosure providing safe storage for unsightly cables and power packs whilst maintaining full access to laptop ports and drives. Its smooth seamless surfaces provide a platform for the highest levels of infection control.

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From flip up worktops to drawer cases JUNO is completely customisable and can be designed to cater for gel bottles, sharps bins, scanners and portable printers. JUNO offers smart solutions to mount a wide range of medical devices and peripherals that keeps them within reach but not in the way.

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The laptop cart has evolved. JUNO is the latest innovation from RDP to offer a lightweight, beautifully designed solution for your mobile laptop or tablet.

JUNO is a simple, convenient and space-saving response for mobile IT offering a manoeuvrable, easy to clean and affordable IT solution.


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