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The all new integrated wall mount solution
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HUBB is a wall mounted, fully integrated workstation solution providing a space saving home for PC, monitor and keyboard.


Fully adjustable with a range of features ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort including a negative tilt keyboard tray.

HUBB supports patient connections and interaction by delivering full up/down, pan and tilt flexibility for both keyboard and monitor.


HUBB is fully adjustable and when not in use can fold within inches of the wall ensuring a safe and unobtrusive presence within busy wards and tight and congested patient areas.


HUBB includes a fully secure home for PCs and peripherals. The PC enclosure provides security whilst maintaining full access to ports and drives. 

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From its negative tilt keyboard tray to an independently height adjustable monitor and keyboard, HUBB has full pan and tilt flexibility ensuring optimum ergonomics for the user without compromising on patient engagement.


HUBB can be designed to cater for a myriad of options from laptops to gel bottles, sharps bins, scanners and portable printers.


Just like our mobile carts, HUBB offers smart solutions to mount a wide range of medical devices and peripherals that keeps them within reach but not in the way.

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The NANO is the latest addition to our market leading range of powered mobile workstations and medical carts for EPR, EPMA & PHLEB solutions.


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