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Medical Cart, Workstation on Wheels, Mobile Computer Trolley

Our Sustainable Future

Sustainability drives everything we do at RDP. We have been designing and manufacturing medical carts and computer trolleys since 2000 and we continue to innovate and push ourselves towards a sustainable future.

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Engineered to Last

At RDP we design and manufacture all our products and are very proud of our reputation for build quality and reliability. Longevity and durability are in our DNA. These are not just words - we also back this up with a no-quibble 5 year on-site warranty on all of our products managed by our in-house service team. This results in our products lasting longer - reducing the need for replacement and reducing our impact on the environment.

Medical Cart, Workstation on Wheels, Mobile Computer Trolley

Reducing our environmental Impact

Our dedication to quality and innovation allows us to minimise our ecological footprint. Our commitment to lean manufacturing principles support sustainability and efficiency both within our products and our processes.

By defining & refining our processes and introducing 5S Lean Manufacturing into our facility we are improving productivity and eliminating waste while minimising the use of natural resources.


Our products are designed with materials that have been selected to reduce our impact on the environment. Many components are either manufactured from or are made from a recyclable material including ABS plastic, aluminium and steel.

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More circular, more responsible

From using renewable energy to keeping recycled materials in our production loop, environmental considerations are calibrated into everything we do. We are meticulous in our quest to improve our processes to be more efficient, more circular, more responsible.

Our sustainability Initiatives...

A Lean Manufacturer

Our implementation of 5S Lean Methodology into our production processes in 2021 has enabled efficiency and productivity to increase over 44% with a commitment to continuous improvement and reduction of "waste". To learn more on the 5S Lean methodolgy see here.

Medical Cart, Workstation on Wheels, Mobile Computer Trolley


Scrap and end of life carts and trolleys are disassembled and sorted for the most efficient and environmentally friendly recycling and disposal. Facility waste has also been reduced via our investment in a carboard shredding machine to recycle card waste into new packaging material.

Medical Cart, Workstation on Wheels, Mobile Computer Trolley


WEEE Directive (2012/19/EU)

RDP are fully compliant with the requirements of the European Union's WEEE (Waste from Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Directive. This includes the management, collection and recycling of the batteries powering our medical carts and trolleys.

RoHS (2011/65/EU) Directive

All of our products are in compliance with restriction of hazardous substances (RoHS) Directive. This obligates us to restrict the use of hazardous material such as lead, cadmium and mercury in our products.

Medical Cart, Workstation on Wheels, Mobile Computer Trolley
Medical Cart, Workstation on Wheels, Mobile Computer Trolley

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