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Compact, powered, fixed height dispensing cart
CUBE 2 2.png
CUBE Concise 2.png
CUBE Concise.png

New for 2022, CUBE reinvents our traditional ‘CC’ series.  The original footprint has been shrunk to create an even more manoeuvrable cart suitable for use within any hospital environment, providing lightweight, budget-sensitive ePMA and Phlebotomy solutions.

CUBE Powered.png

As with all our powered carts CUBE is powered by our SENSA-LiFe™ V2 power module. With its intelligent battery monitoring technology this unique sensing power system ensures maximum efficiency ensuring long term battery health.


Boasting a front-mounted vibrant LED back-lit numeric LCD which provides immediate clear battery indication, charging rate, battery level with low power audible warning, CUBE keeps the user well informed as to its status. 


An integrated cable management enclosure offering secure IT easy installation, CUBE also has smooth uninterrupted surfaces ensuring compliance with infection control.

CUBE Powered.png
CUBE Secure.png
CUBE Secure.png

A range of secure door-locking options from Digi-code, Key or RFID are available for the CUBE range ensuring blood taking or drug supplies and peripherals safe and secure.

CUBE Custom.png

CUBE can be designed to cater for gel bottles, sharps bins, scanners and portable printers.


CUBE offers smart solutions to mount a wide range of medical devices and peripherals that keeps them within reach but not in the way.

CUBE CUSTOM_edited.png

CUBE EPMA - from our market leading range of powered mobile workstations and medical carts for EPR, EPMA & PHLEB solutions.


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