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Medical Cart, Workstation on Wheels, Mobile Computer Trolley
Since 2000, our UK-based, privately owned business has supplied NHS trusts with customer-focused, high-quality and reliable medical trolleys and mobile computer carts.

Customer-driven philosophy

Our products have been created from the needs of hard-working healthcare professionals. We wanted to offer those individuals the tools they needed to make their working lives as efficient and pleasant as possible, whilst offering aftersales care and support packages to complement our robust and user friendly products.

Since the millennium we have grown the business organically by designing and manufacturing the products that our customers tell us they want and need.

We know powered carts.
In fact, we created the first in the UK

In 2002 we manufactured the first powered PC cart in the UK. This innovation, paired with our philosophy to listen to what the end user truly needs, led to a realisation. We wanted to revolutionise the healthcare industry with medical carts that were designed by what clinicians actually wanted. The way in which we work allows us to build incredibly strong working relationships with both customers and suppliers, creating a network of trust and understanding. We feel this is imperative in offering you complete piece of mind resulting in long-term reassurance.

Medical Cart, Workstation on Wheels, Mobile Computer Trolley

Proud of our reputation for quality and reliability

RDP was originally called ‘Rugged Display Products’ and we started with the manufacture of cast aluminium LCD displays that ended up in a variety of harsh locations such as power stations, warships and even on Air Force One!

From virtually indestructible displays, we went on to manufacture ground breaking all-in-one rugged wall mounted computers.  It was then that we realised that the key to building a tough long-life product was in the design and quality of components – a proven method that to date has remained unchanged.

As well as supplying our real superheroes in the NHS we also supply on-screen superheroes too. 

See if you can spot the RDP cart....

RDP and the HULK.PNG

Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015) 

Rdp Group 4k.00_00_32_21.Still002.bmp

Always innovating...

Here at RDP we are on a constant quest for excellence, we never stand still. The technology, aesthetics and useability of our carts are always under perpetual scrutiny. Supplying carts to the UK’s healthcare professionals for over 20 years has provided us with the unique opportunity to partner with our clients - working with them to design and manufacture mobile workstations people can rely on year after year.


Get in touch today and see what we can do for you....

Medical Cart, Workstation on Wheels, Mobile Computer Trolley

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Medical Cart Support

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